2015 Man Hours Worked1,463,279
Five-year average TRIR:0.41
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Safety Policy

EMS is committed to creating a workplace that is safe, healthy and injury-free. While safety is the first of our core values, it should be noted that all of our core values — safety, accountability, respect and integrity — make up the foundation of our entire corporate culture.


We are all accountable for the safety of ourselves and our coworkers, which demonstrates the respect that we show for each other and for our families. It falls on each of us to be mindful and committed to safety, including but not limited to demonstrating the integrity to exercise the stop-work authority and to be mindful of safety every day.


Every employee is responsible for the preservation of our safe work environment, including reporting hazards and working toward preventing accidents.


EMS will comply with local, state, and federal regulations, codes, and standards at all times. We will provide training, review our procedures, review accidents, and maintain all equipment. In the event of an injury, we will actively work to return the employee back to work when medically possible. Our Drug and Alcohol Policy will be strictly enforced with no exceptions.


Our management will provide support to our Safety Committee, committing to them the time, employees, and management needed to reach our common goal of an injury-free workplace. Your dedication and participation in our behavior-based safety, comprehensive fleet program, and continuous improvement of our safety program is encouraged and required.


Full cooperation with our safety program makes our workplace safer, healthier, and injury-free.


Alexander J. Buehler, President and CEO



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